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The Baden-Baden meeting is one of the key events in the reinsurance calendar and is attended by reinsurance professionals from across the globe.

The meeting provides an opportunity for cedants, brokers and re/insurers to get together to discuss the renewal of reinsurance contracts prior to the major renewals season in January.

The Baden-Baden meeting was orginally the annual German Marine Conference for many years until 1978. From 1979 that event moved away from Baden-Baden, but re/insurers and brokers continued to meet each other in this south German town during the last full week of October each year.

From that moment on, Colonia Konzern and later AXA Cessions published a participants list of insurers and reinsurers only. In 1995 The Review and Compre Group joined forces to produce a list of all other participants at this annual meeting, and a diary with useful telephone numbers. In 2001 the lists were merged into one.

Over the last few years, Insurance Day has united with the Baden-Baden city council to create a hosting committee dedicated to protecting the nature of this meeting. We administer the registration process and produce the online Meeting Directory, in association with our sponsors we also offer a range of other benefits.

From its early beginnings decades ago, the Baden-Baden meeting has grown into a major, global reinsurance event. Every year 2,000 delegates enjoy the benefits of registration through this site, make sure you’re among them in this year.