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I haven’t received my password yet since I entered my username

You need to create a username and a password initially, a password is not automatically sent out via the system. Once you have created a username and password an automated email will be sent out to you confirming the details.

I haven’t received the email confirming my user account details

Please check both your inbox and your junk mail box. If it’s not in either of those locations please email admin@baden-baden-reinsurance.de and someone will get back to you with a new reset password.

How do I go about registering multiple delegates for the Baden Baden Annual Meeting?

Firstly, log into your user account. On the ‘Register’ page press the button entitled ‘Register your attendance here’. Complete the registration form and press ‘submit form’. Once you’ve submitted your first form a number of options will appear on the screen. To register another delegate, select the option ‘Click here to register a delegate Register Attendance’. Keep repeating this process until you have registered all of the delegates you need to.

I am having problems with my login to your website

Please contact admin@baden-baden-reinsurance.de for assistance.

Are there any costs for the Baden Baden registration and if yes how much would that be (for each person)?

Registering delegates for the Baden Baden Annual Meeting is free of charge.

I am having issues access the registration functionality of the Baden Baden website as it’s saying I need to enable cookies

Please follow this link for more information.

We have already registered for this year’s baden baden conference, kindly confirm how to book the hotel

Please refer to Hotels & Booking.

I am looking for a Meeting Table, Seminar Room or Event Location

Please refer to Event Locations in order to submit a booking request to us.